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The Millfields Trust has donated £1000 to a local primary school, taking it well beyond the £1 million milestone mark it has ploughed into and invested in the local community of Stonehouse. This is a remarkable achievement which is being celebrated by a Trust with volunteer Directors and a small staff team.





Our brand new, state-of-the-art business center, offering an exceptional choice of modern offices in the heart of Stone house, Plymouth

Offices and light industrial space available in Mary Seacole Road, The Millfields.  See our Premises Available section to check availability, size and price or for more information contact 01752 660837.

Creykes Court is our Grade II listed building offering light and spacious business space. Contact 01752 660837 for a viewing.

Mary Seacole Road, The Millfields

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In this video Richard Johns from Service Design Solutions explains how The Millfields has helped his business growth. Richard explains how they started out as a small business and have expanded with the help of The Millfields. He particularly likes the concept of how The Millfields helps local businesses develop and expand.

Mary Seacole Road, The Millfields

Mary Seacole Road Building Mary Seacole Road Building

Mary Seacole Road offers 3 buildings with office and light industrial space available. These are arranged as units on the ground floor with smaller offices located above, which feature an open space gallery. The business space is situated within the prestigious Millfields secure site offering:

- A total of 18 offices and 18 light industrial premises of contemporary design
- Business space from 300 - 1000 sqft (31sq m- 107sq m)
- Self contained units with own WC and Kitchen
- Flexible lease agreements
- Car Parking
- On site conference suite for hire
- Phase III electricity
- Secure site with 24/7 security and access
- Central location
- Disabled Access

Secure storage space from £75 a month + VAT. Storage is available on a month on, month off rolling basis also benefitting from being invited to our networking events and free advertising.