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The Millfields Trust has donated £1000 to a local primary school, taking it well beyond the £1 million milestone mark it has ploughed into and invested in the local community of Stonehouse. This is a remarkable achievement which is being celebrated by a Trust with volunteer Directors and a small staff team.





Our brand new, state-of-the-art business center, offering an exceptional choice of modern offices in the heart of Stone house, Plymouth

Offices and light industrial space available in Mary Seacole Road, The Millfields.  See our Premises Available section to check availability, size and price or for more information contact 01752 660837.

Creykes Court is our Grade II listed building offering light and spacious business space. Contact 01752 660837 for a viewing.


The Millfields Trust is a company limited by guarantee. We are a democratic organisation with membership open to anyone living in Stonehouse over the age of 17. Any member is entitled to stand for election to the Board of the Millfields Trust. The Board consists of 7 community directors, two representatives from Plymouth City Council and two business directors, reflecting the commitment to working in partnership. The Board is elected on an annual basis from its membership.

The Millfields Trust is at the forefront of a movement to promote sustainable solutions to the regeneration of communities and allow local people to drive forward the process. This ethos is reflected in our structure. The Millfields Trust takes its name from the site of the former Royal Naval Hospital in Stonehouse, now renamed the Millfields, and has been trading since 1999.

The Millfields Trust is looking for local people to become members and to sit on the Board of management. We are a local organisation working to improve the Stonehouse area of Plymouth. As well as encouraging employment and business development, we are supporting young people through various projects. We are also currently seeking interested local people (who live in Stonehouse) to sit on its management Board and to become members of the Trust. If you live locally and are interested in joining a progressive organisation that is trying to improve Stonehouse, we would love to hear from you.

To find out more please contact the Millfields Trust by calling in to see us at the HQ Business Centre, 237 Union Street, Plymouth, PL1 3HQ. We can also be contacted by telephone on 01752 660837 or email