Ex-Royal Marine sets up Plymouth fitness business



PERSONAL trainers Albert Wright and Ali Abolesad met while working for a city commercial gym – but have decided to set up their own business.They now run fitness and nutrition studio Plymouth PT & Nutrition after Mr Abolesad, who lives at The Millfields, discovered that The Millfields Trust had a 950sq ft business unit to let.

The studio, which has recently opened, offers one-on-one personal training, small group sessions, free health evaluations and nutritional advice.  Mr Wright, aged 27, left the Royal Marines last May, while Mr Abolesad, aged 29, worked for a Plymouth manufacturer before becoming a personal trainer.  The pair decided to set up the studio after becoming disillusioned with less personal "commercial" gyms.

Every new member receives a free wellness evaluation, with a body composition monitor measuring things such as hydration and body fat. Diet is also discussed in detail.  Most members just want to lose weight and be fitter, though some have specific goals such as joining the Fire Service or taking part in sporting events such as marathons.

Despite Mr Wright's military background, he stressed the business is not a boot camp and members won't be shouted at or ignored. He said: "This is not like a gym where the service can be very impersonal and there may be no coaching after an initial induction on the machines.  "All of our group sessions are limited to eight people, as we want to make sure everyone gets the attention they need to progress.  "There's a strong community atmosphere here and our members like training as part of a group, as it helps to motivate them.  "With personal training, it's a private studio so our clients can have their own music and have all the attention on them, without any distractions or waiting around for equipment."  He added: "We concentrate on body weight exercises and functional movements.  "If you want to sit on a bike machine and read a book, this is not the place for you.  "For us it's not about crash diets and fancy equipment, it's about getting all of our members fit and strong. "We do this style of training with all of our clients and we always get results."

Mandy Toze from The Millfields Trust said: "We are pleased to welcome Plymouth PT & Nutrition to the Millfields business community and wish them every success. "They have made excellent use of the space available."