Widening Horizons News


FOOD IS FUN -  The “Food is Fun” visit provides students with the opportunity to get a ‘hands on’ experience and cook something for themselves as well as to be able to watch a demonstration by our guest  - Jacques Marchal one Michelin Star chef. 

MUSIC ZONE LAUNCH   -  Once again the Music Zone was used to launch the Widening Horizons programme as it allows our students the  opportunity to work collaboratively together and has the capacity to accommodate 100 or so Year Five students. The main aim was to work together to make some music linked to the theme of Guy Fawkes and Firework Night.  Karl and Teri lead various workshops which would culminate with us recording our finished piece to CD. The starting point was of course to get the group warmed up with various ice breakers being used to achieve this. After break it was back to rehearsals. A Katy Perry track – Firework – provided us the opportunity to make the link with November 5th and use a piece of music that our Yr 5s were familiar with. I had come across the name Katy Perry but had never heard her music! I decided to have a look on You Tube to see how she sung the song. When I returned the rehearsal was in full swing – and I said to them that I genuinely preferred their version – with no bias at all!

After a well earned lunch it was time to finally record our three tracks. There was a sense of determination with getting the job done as professionally as possible and recording some first rate tracks after only two takes!
A CD was later recorded and presented to all participating students and is available from the Millfields Trust.
BRITISH ART SHOW 7  -  With the BAS coming to Plymouth for the very first time there was no excuse to get involved, but with Roger Hiorns Untitled piece (the Naked Man) one had to be careful which exhibits were to be seen. I initialised with the Plymouth Art Centre to check on suitability and it was decided to visit two of the five venues being used throughout the city namely Plymouth Art College and Royal William Yard.
At the Art College we were fortunate enough to have a quick tour of the lower part of the building which took in jewellery making, pottery, still life sketching and glass blowing – which proved to be particular popular with our students! It was then on to see the work of Brian Griffiths. The giant teddy bear’s head simply could not be missed! We had a good look at its construction and the materials that were employed in the making of it before making our own sketch of it.
It was then over to the Royal William Yard to have a look at a number of different exhibits being displayed in the Slaughterhouse. Karla Black’s chooses to work with unstable and impermanent materials which easily change, prioritising material experience over language as a way of learning and understanding.
Lunch was taken with many of the students anxious to get on with things and start their workshop which was expertly led by Graham Robinson who taught art for 15 years at Torpoint Community College. He was able quickly to forge a relationship with our students, and gave them the task to recreate their very own Brian Griffiths Teddy Bear’s Head after offering a few ideas and tips.
The plan, once again, was to provide a stimulating and exciting environment in which students could cook a healthy style pizza using typical store cupboard ingredients consisting of tomato puree, cheese, mushrooms, ham, pineapple and a selection of herbs, including rosemary, thyme and marjoram. After mixing and preparing the base students created their own pizzas using any number of the ingredients provided. As one can imagine there were all sorts of creations from the minimal, cheese only to the extravagant, using every single ingredient in copious amounts! Whilst these were cooking in the ovens of the mobile kitchen, students had the amazing opportunity to see Chef Jacques cooking - the theme being how best to use seasonal local produce cooked in a healthy way.
Students had the opportunity to ask Jacques questions as he went along and there was a nice rapport developed between him and the different schools throughout the day. Students were invited to ask questions which included “Why did you become a chef”?, “What is your favourite food”?, “Which food do you like cooking the most”?  and “How long did you work at your restaurant?”. The quality of the questions were as good as ever! Jacques was able to answer with his usual flair and open things up drawing upon his expansive knowledge.
The benefits of using local and seasonal produce was talked about whilst parsnip crisps, celeriac puree and sweet potato dip was prepared. With various visitors coming in throughout the day all mentioned the exquisite aroma permeating in the upper floor of the HQ Business Centre. With the pizzas ready they were plated up and students were invited to sample the dips and crisps.
With over 100 visitors coming through our doors during the day and all students returning to their respective schools with their culinary delights, this was deemed to be a successful and thoroughly worthwhile day.