We are recruiting! Millfields Inspired are looking for an experienced Fundraiser to join our team

                                                                                                                             Millfields Inspired Fundraiser

Millfields Inspired is a vibrant charity working alongside young people in Stonehouse with the aspiration of engaging with young people, and inspiring them to become enterprising and resilient citizens.  In particular we work with young people in order to show them the world of work and link it with the world of education.  We want children to achieve their potential, to become enterprising and play our part in ensuring Stonehouse is a place its residents can be proud of.

The Charity is relatively young having been established in 2013.  Its main focus has been on the Widening Horizons project, a programme that works with the year 5 children in our seven local primary schools. Most recently it has developed the Grow Stonehouse project and the “Futures” work. Both have benefited from funding from outside sources.

What we require

We require an experienced fundraiser to work with us to review the options in respect to funding our current and future project work. The first phase will be working with us to understand the Charity and its projects and to write a fundraising strategy.  Depending on the success of the first stage the Charity would then wish to offer a retainer of approximately five days a year to work with the Trust and take a lead in formulating and submitting funding applications.

 Job tasks

Phase 1

  1. To review and assess the work of the Charity with a view to establishing which areas can benefit from fundraising and from what sources. In particular to look at
  • The Widening Horizons Programme
  • Grow Stonehouse/Community Garden
  • Futures programme.

The research should reflect our desire to grow each element and secure further support in years to come.

  1. Review and make recommendation to the Trustees regarding the likely and most suitable sources of funding for each of the programmes, and meet the Charities aims and objectives. In doing so advise the Charity in respect of prioritising applications to funders.
  2. Explore and make recommendations on possible commercial sponsorship
  3. Guide the Trustees in respect of how best to use the donation from Millfields Trust
  4. Work with the Trustees and staff of Millfields Inspired to pull together a fundraising strategy

Phase II

  1. Agree with the Trustees the funding targets for identified projects
  2. Working with the Trustees and staff of Millfields Inspired to submit compelling grant applications to grant making bodies.

 How to proceed

We would welcome submissions from fundraisers outlining the following

  • Their skills and experience
  • Their interest in working with Millfields Inspired
  • How they would undertake Phase I of the work outlined above
  • Their fee for the work including the daily rate.

For further information please contact Chris Penberthy on 01752 603660 or Josanne Stewart on 01752 660837

Closing Date:  8th October 2018

Please return your submissions to:

Millfields Inspired,  237 Union Street, Stonehouse, Plymouth PL1 3HQ



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