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The Millfields Trust has donated £1000 to a local primary school, taking it well beyond the £1 million milestone mark it has ploughed into and invested in the local community of Stonehouse. This is a remarkable achievement which is being celebrated by a Trust with volunteer Directors and a small staff team.





Our brand new, state-of-the-art business center, offering an exceptional choice of modern offices in the heart of Stone house, Plymouth

Offices and light industrial space available in Mary Seacole Road, The Millfields.  See our Premises Available section to check availability, size and price or for more information contact 01752 660837.

Creykes Court is our Grade II listed building offering light and spacious business space. Contact 01752 660837 for a viewing.

Widening Horzions Widening Horzions Widening Horzions

Widening Horizons Plymouth

Millfields Trust Widening Horizons Project from Floating Lime Media on Vimeo.

Widening Horizons is an innovative project developed by the Millfields Trust in conjunction with the six local primary schools located within the Stonehouse neighbourhood of Plymouth.

The project was established to raise levels of aspirations and subsequently the levels of attainment in all participants and open doors to possible career areas that were not previously considered. The work will support and enable students to explore new and challenging learning experiences with visits to a number of different venues spread across the city and further afield.

The benefits of learning outside the classroom are many and widely acknowledged. Young people benefit from real life experiences where they can see, hear, touch and explore the world around them and have the opportunity to experience challenge and adventure. They need to find out how what they learn in school relates to their life outside it and to the world around them and the Widening Horizons project plays a significant part in supporting these sentiments.

Widening Horizons - Food is fun 2013 from Floating Lime Media on Vimeo.

Widening Horizons & Music zone 2013 from Floating Lime Media on Vimeo.

Examples of venues pupils have visited:

City College, BBC Southwest, Radio Plymouth, Diggin’ it, Shark Trust, Clannamation, Plymouth Arts Centre, Cite Restaurant, City of Plymouth Museum, Callington Space Centre, Devon and Cornwall Police Dog Team, Eden Project, National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth Music Zone, Princess Yachts, University of Southampton (School of Computing & Mathematics) and University of Plymouth (School of Computing & Mathematics).

If you would like to contribute towards the Widening Horizons programme please contact Paul at

Quotes from participating schools & pupils about their experience

'You might like to know that one pupil, who has been adamant that he never wants to get a job, just like his mum cos you get money anyway, commented on the way back, that he would like to work at the aquarium'
Sue Jones, Head Teacher at Pilgrim Primary

'I've never seen Ethan so happy and full of joy. He really enjoyed the experience. This is what Widening Horizons is all about'
John Lynch, Head Teacher at High Street Primary

'A brilliant opportunity for our students'
TA, Eden Project

'It was probably the best experience I have ever had'
Studen, Eden Project

'Wow! What a day!
TA, Plymouth University

'The best trip I have ever been on' Student
Plymouth University

'This was a fantastic opportunity for the children to see behind the scenes. It was an educational experience that the staff and children will not forget'
TA, National Marine Aquarium

'Thank you so much for organising such a brilliant year, the children have really enjoyed their experiences'
Jill Braid, St Georges Primary