10 Stonehouse gems you may or may not know about …

10 Stonehouse gems you may or may not know about…

Having worked in Stonehouse for a little over 6 years, I have had the pleasure of seeing it flourish with some real gems of businesses, community groups and charities, some new, some have been around for many years. Just one of the many blessings of having light industrial office units in Plymouth and having some wonderful office units to rent in Plymouth. There are so many to shout about, but here are a few hand selected by me and well worth checking out…

  1.       The Millfields Trust

Well, of course I am going to put us first, for those of you who do not know, we provide office, light industrial, storage and Virtual office space.  Check out our credentials here:  www.millfieldstrust.com  (and don’t forget to look at the amazing work our charity Millfields Inspired do for the Stonehouse children www.millfieldsinspired.com )


  1.   A Taskinha Portuguese restaurant

Authentic Portuguese cuisine and fantastic coffee!  Their facebook page speaks for itself:  https://www.facebook.com/TASKINHA/


  1.   Laundry @ 55

A laundry and ironing drop off or collect shop.  And they are zero waste too! They also supply eco cleaning products (refillable) eco-friendly cosmetics products such as toothbrushes, soaps and deodorants, bamboo products, cards and more.  Check them out here: www.facebook.com/laundry55plym/


  1.       Nudge Community Builders

With Union Corner, The Clipper and the Plot, there is something for everyone to get involved with the Stonehouse community.  Check out their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/nudgecommunitybuilders 


  1.       Good2Go

Located in the Millfields (former Royal Navy Hospital site) Good2Go offers boxed salads, doorstop sandwiches, home-made cakes and sausage rolls as well as great hot coffee.  Unbeknown to many, you can actually walk into the Millfields in order to purchase from the little sandwich bar which is located just inside the gates.  Just speak to the friendly security guys who will point you in the right direction. www.facebook.com/good2goshack


  1.       KARST

KARST was founded by a small group inspired by the British Art Show 7 who wanted to develop an artist-led space in Plymouth to produce and show the best international contemporary art. In less than a decade they’ve grown to become the largest independent gallery in the South West with a reputation for being edgy, provocative and challenging.   www.karst.org.uk/

  1.       Plymouth Food Bank and Oasis Project

Working to combat hunger and poverty in Plymouth: www.plymouth.foodbank.org.uk/

  1.       Plymouth Children in Poverty

Plymouth Children in Poverty (PCiP), is all about eradicating poverty in the city. A massive ask, especially when you consider there are currently 11,000 children living in poverty in Plymouth. The Plymouth Fairness Commission report described a “Tale of Two Cities” whereby a child’s life outcomes were wholly predictable depending on the ward they were born into. Today, some wards continue to experience children in poverty levels in excess of 35%. This cannot be right. www.pcip.org.uk/how-we-do-it/

  1.       Stonehouse Voice

The Stonehouse Voice is a not-for-profit community newspaper produced exclusively for the Plymouth Stonehouse neighbourhood. The main aim of the Stonehouse voice is to celebrate all of the good stuff going on from art, music, and creativity to social enterprise and small business.  If you have a story you would like to write or take part in the running, writing or the design of the paper email them at stonehousevoice@gmail.com

      10.       Pollenize

Pollenize Community Interest Company is a pollinator conservation project utilising the power of community beekeeping, product design, citizen science, IoT sensors, big data and environmental DNA techniques to combat pollinator decline.  The Millfields Trust amongst others have their very own beehive on one of their rooftops https://www.pollenize.org.uk/