10 Work positive things to do during lockdown

10 Work positive things to do during lockdown, Millfields Trust
10 Work positive things to do during lockdown, Millfields Trust

Like many, I find myself “working from home” during this, let’s face it strange, challenging, scary, uncertain, well, you get my drift. Especially when you have a spectacular office space with meeting rooms that make you and your clients feel at home (despite being in an office unit). 

I work for the Millfields Trust, a commercial landlord in the Stonehouse area of Plymouth renting out co-working, office space, light industrial space, storage, virtual offices and meeting spaces. “Pointless job” I hear you cry? Well, actually no. I am taking this time to work with our fantastic Millfields Trust team to get in touch with all of our tenants to ensure where eligible they are tapping into the grants from their Local Authority to help them over the forthcoming period and to answer any questions or concerns they may have at this time. This ensures that upcoming, growing businesses, have sufficient office space, meeting rooms and a conference suite to aid them in their climb to be respected professionals in their industry. In between this, I am taking time to do all of those things that become a little neglected due to the day to day operations, hopefully with the end result of being super efficient and organised once this crazy time has ended and we are all allowed to go back to our beloved work places. 

I for one CANNOT WAIT to get up, do hair, makeup and pop on a lovely dress and float on into the workplace like a movie queen, with everything ready for action…

Clean your desktop 

No, not your actual desk, your PC/apple/laptop desktop. Nothing worse than clutter on the desktop. Whilst you are at it, make the background image one that makes you feel calm. I’m not here to judge, could be your dog, the beach, your favourite holiday snap or a loved one. This advice is also applicable to when in an office unit or working environment with others as it’s nice to be able to break up the hectic work schedule with some calming imagery.

File and Archive emails 

With my inbox reaching gigantic quantities, now is the time to file, file, file! I keep most emails, but it’s time to archive those old folders, make new ones and file those babies away. They will be there when I need them, but no offence, I just don’t want to see them unless I have to! 

Photo library 

It’s time to get these centralised. I don’t know about yours, but mine are all over the place. There’s nothing worse than trying to find an important infographic, or other important images, when your client is in your meeting room and you can’t find it! I have to admit, this is a task I am not looking forward to, but I am sat here imagining the moment of sheer delight and smugness I will feel once this task has been accomplished. Imagine the next time I need to write a blog, a news story or update the website and need the perfect photo, if only I knew where it was….oh wait! 


Keep it up to date! Latest vacant offices, showcase our tenant of the week, blogs, news stories, nice photos. Then ensure you have somebody working on your SEO for you to ensure all of that hard work doesn’t go to waste. It’s not enough to make sure your office unit/office space is looking the part, for many businesses their website is their shopfront. So, next time you’re doing some inhouse cleaning around your wonderful Millfield’s light industrial units, be sure to show your website some love!



Here I am, actually doing it. Ok, so I am not going to win any awards, but trust me, this has taken me umpteen (is this a word?) broken promises and a pandemic to actually deliver. But now I’m out of my office and not currently worried about having guests in the meeting room, I have plunged into it and I actually quite like it! So, my next stage is to actually think of the next 10 subjects I would like to write about and get them saved on my google drive ready for later. Which brings me to point 5. 

Google Drive 

OK, so this technology has completely passed me by! Well, ok, I chose to let it pass me by. Email is good enough for sharing things, right? Move with the times girl, it is time to self- educate on the merits of using this high-tech stuff (stay with me people, I am a dinosaur, clearly). There must be some kind of webinar or YouTube tutorial that can educate me (adds mental note to ever increasing to-do list). But, saying all this, I can see the benefits when working in one of our office spaces to rent having a shared folder is a great asset to have! 

Subscribe/unsubscribe from Newsletters 

Ever get into work on a Monday only to be hit by all of those newsletters you wish you had the time to read or otherwise? Don’t feel disloyal or FOMO unless it is really relevant to your job or sector, unsubscribe. You need to ensure that what’s coming into your office space is applicable to your company. It’s nice to have a change of reading material and let’s face it if you have the time to invest, make it time well spent.

Clean up your smart phone 

Make your phone work for you. It’s time to put everything in its place, after all there is a place for everything! Ensure your phone is synchronised with your PC and backed up and make this brilliant piece of technology work for you. With the summer months almost here, you too could be sat in the garden with a nice cup of coffee working as though you are at your office space desk!

Clean up your bookmarks 

Cleaning up the ol’ bookmarks tab may seem like a boring and unnecessary job … well, it’s definitely necessary! A tidy office unit goes hand in hand with a tidy computer. Ensure that everything is relevant, organised and grants great shortcuts to files or pages that you use often is a great way to speed up productivity! 

Make a plan to do Friday night, after work, drinks with colleagues! 

Ha, glad you are still reading. I have saved the best for last. I am fortunate enough to love all of my work colleagues . We are such a fab team and it is times like these that you realise how much you miss them. With all excuses aside, I am determined to meet with them at our lovely neighbouring pub, the Lord High Admiral for after work drinks on a Friday say once per month?. So there, I have said it and I am going to stick to it. Although our conference suites, meeting rooms and office units are truly splendid, we just can’t say no to some good drinks with great company! 

So, now you can see what is going to keep me busy and focussed over the coming weeks, and with some luck, will assist me in being super-efficient when I am able to waltz back into the office space and see all of our lovely tenants again. More importantly, being able to show prospective tenants around our lovely office units, co-working, light industrial and meeting spaces. 

Oh, how I miss it so. 

Sadie Chambers, Business Development Manager Millfields trust. 

10 Work positive things to do during lockdown, Millfields Trust