ÂME Social

Hello, we’re AME Social. We’re the experts when it comes to digital marketing, and our aim is to unlock the soul of your business by providing expertly crafted digital marketing content that attracts a new audience for your brand and puts you on the map.

Our services include:

– Social Media Graphics

A weekly batch of graphical content that aims to advertise your business, engage with your community or shout about whatever you’d like! We can turn provided photos and information into effective marketing tools for your business.


Need a new logo or a redesign of a pre-existing one? Our designers can craft a bespoke new logo for your brand that is sure to impress. We also cover all essential aspects of branding, including the design of business cards, menus, cover photos and more. All finished off with a brand guidelines document to list the do’s and don’ts of your new look.

 Email Campaigns

Update your audience regularly with email campaigns. We can create custom emails that are designed to fit your brand guidelines and talk about anything you wish.

 Video Creation

Video-based social media content, intro videos for YouTube or social media, cover videos and more. We are up for anything video based. Have a chat with us and we’ll see what we can do.


Reach the top of Google’s search results for your specific department with SEO or “Search Engine Optimization”. Through the use of specific keywords on blogs and links, we can make sure your website climbs the Google ranks and eventually ends up on the first page.

 Website Creation

We can create a website for you from scratch! After getting a feel of what you’re looking for, we’ll design you a set of web previews that show how your new website will look, then once approved, we’ll send it to one of our talented web developers who will translate the previews into fully functioning websites. E-Commerce options are also available so you can benefit from an online store!

 Ad Management & Lead Generation

Reach a whole new audience and even a specific target market, with ads! With a custom-made post, our ad experts will craft it into the ultimate advertisement for your business and provide you with a plethora of new potential clients and viewers.


If you’re interested in giving your business a new lease of life or getting one off the ground, give us a call on +44 7496 088297 or email us on info@amesocial.co.uk