Tender for our exciting new project “Contains Coffee”!

Contains Coffee Brief


To develop a coffee bar that provides the most unique coffee experience in Plymouth. To provide superb quality coffee, in quirky and vibrant surroundings, based around our values of Price, (affordable to local people) Passion and Quality ( PPQ).


To develop a coffee bar offering great quality coffee, teas and a “different” food offer, i.e. different from the local cafes.   The facility will be positioned near our HQ and Genesis buildings (with the exact position to be determined) providing a meanwhile use, for 2/3 years.  Our ambition is to “house” the coffee bar within a converted shipping container, but would also like to look at other temporary options should a container prove to be too costly to convert/refurbish

As well as being a profitable coffee bar, we aim to provide a training facility to enable people to gain access to the labour market. Whilst we intend to employ a supervisor other posts may be voluntary and/ or apprenticeships.   This concept will enable the bar to be well staffed at all times meaning that service should be first class and that CC will be able to provide a table service.   We aim to work in partnership with START our tenants in HQ. They are supporting a number of clients that have been given clearance to stay and work in this country but who are unable to obtain work.


The container will be converted into a coffee bar, serving excellent fresh coffee, something that cannot currently be bought locally before 10.0 0 AM. The bar will also sell a selection of interesting teas, perhaps Cornish and Plymouth teas. We want to offer fresh coffee to go, and a quirky environment with seating areas for those that stay. The occasional special event, for instance an Eritrean coffee ceremony, could also be part of the business plan.

We will be well staffed and will therefore look to provide a seating area and waiter service. In doing this we then need to have a food offer. The initial thinking is that we need to keep this simple perhaps specialising in Crepes, pancakes and waffles.  This could be sweet or savoury with a small number of fillings ( five or six).  We would look to have different themes and capitalise on special dates in the calendar such as Easter, Mother’s day, Valentine ’s Day etc.  On occasions we would like to offer food from other cultures, again keeping it simple with for example an offer of noodles from Singapore.



We require a counter facility where customers can get close to the coffee as it is made. We are looking to provide seating other than around a bar, somewhere that gives protection from the weather in the winter.  In the summer months we would like to use and outside area (possibly roof space) the requirement is that it can be secured overnight.


We now wish to engage someone to write a Business Plan for the project. The BP should contain the following elements.

A market analysis:

Research into the local market, an analysis of the local area including potential customers, competitors and their offer.

The Contains Coffee offer

Based on the market research and in discussion with the Trust define the distinct offer for the new project. This should include recommendations on food, drinks, eat in and take-away and an analysis of the customer profile. The report should also indicate most appropriate opening hours.

Staffing levels

The level of staff needed and their qualifications based on the offer above. This section should explore the options available for instance one person running a bar or a larger space that may require additional staff. Whilst we have indicated in the brief that we would like to engage several staff in order to enable them to access training and then the labour market: we need to know that this is feasible.

Income and expenditure projections

This should be for a two year period and be based on the café offer and should include the cost of labour. Whilst we do not expect this report to cover the capital costs of establishing a café, indicative costs of furnishing an appropriate kitchen would be welcome.

Spatial requirements

Make recommendations on the spatial requirements for the business in order that it can run as a sustainable venture. This should include the potential to use outside space.

We do not require the appointed consultant to provide a design for the coffee bar or give an indication of square footage costs.


We would want the successful applicant to work with the Trust in undertaking this work and where appropriate seeks its views and check that the study is on track.


The budget for the production of the Business Plan is £2,000. Expenses of no more than £200 will be available to support transport, research and other expenses.

Tendering and appointment process

If you would like to submit a tender could you please provide the following:

  1. Names of the consultant/s undertaking the work and background information giving an indication of skills, experience and previous work in this area.
  2. Why you are interested in working with the Trust on this project
  3. A breakdown of how you propose to undertake the work and meet the requirement of producing a Business Plan
  4. Your tender price for undertaking the work.
  5. Tenders should be returned to Roger Pipe at the Millfields Trust email rogerpipe@millfieldstrust.com by 15th March.
  6. Shortlisted consultants will be invited to an interview on 26th March
  7. We would like the study to be completed by the end of April
  8. For further information please contact Roger Pipe Tel 01752 660837

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