Dr Steve Garnett multi-millionaire entrepreneur shares his tips during Breakfast at the Millfields Trust

There’s nothing more inspiring when you’re in business than hearing straight from the horse’s mouth their journey to success.  The Millfields Trust were honoured to welcome Dr Steve Garnett, a Multi-millionaire entrepreneur to Plymouth (his first ever visit!)

Chief Executive, Roger Pipe greeted Steve to Plymouth on a crisp, sunny September day and began a whistle stop tour around the Waterfront, ending up in Rocksalt for dinner with our Board and staff.  The next morning we hosted an early breakfast networking event in partnership with Devon Chamber of Commerce where extraordinaire tech genius, Steve delivered his “Tips from the Silicon Valley”.

Roger first heard of Steve’s name whilst casually speaking to friends of his about their new business.  They mentioned how Steve had purely offered some invaluable helpful advice, not financial. Roger questioned who Steve was and was so interested in his journey he got in touch with him … and that is where the Millfields Trust relationship began!

Born in December, 1957, Steve spent his life in a council house in Liverpool, his father died when he was 8, and his mum, who cleaned at the local school, brought him and his three sisters up single-handed.  Steve was lucky enough that his Maths teacher spotted a little bit of talent in him who mentored him to do well throughout his school life and to go to Cardiff University, where he studied his Maths degree.  He has been a member of the executive management team of three software startups that have each turned into some of the most successful software companies in history. Oracle Corporation, Siebel Systems and Salesforce.com.

Straight away, Steve engaged the 45 strong captive audience at our breakfast with his ongoing success stories and words of wisdom “If you surround yourself with great people, if you are in the right place at the right time, then you can achieve almost anything” I put my extraordinary success down to luck, and to being in the right place at the right time.   The audience were left feeling inspired and motivated after his fascinating insight into his successful journey.  Feedback was positive with comments from our guests and tenants “I’ll be reflecting on your talk all day” “Best event the Trust has organised”.

After the breakfast, FIVE lucky Millfields Trust tenants were exclusively offered one to one surgeries with Steve Garnett

This was a great opportunity for them to confidentially speak about their business growth and ideas.  And in pure helpful “Steve” style, he even took that one step further and connected some of our tenants up with successful business contacts of his own.

The Millfields Trust would like to thanks the Devon Chamber in helping promote and deliver this event with us and look forward to hosting many more!

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