Eklipse Counselling Yearly Report

Millfields Trust tenants Eklipse Counselling have been kind enough to share their Yearly Report.  Please find following.


First Year Report

Preamble – the basis of this report is to give a snapshot of our first year with the Millfields Trust as we feel it might be of interest to Trust Members. However, it is not our intention to make this a yearly event!

History – We have provided a professional counselling practice for over sixteen years

Our Aims: –

  • a humanistic counselling service – the service revolves around the client. Central to this aim is to provide and facilitate respect and value of the person’s uniqueness and capacity for
  • personal agency.
  • a generic professional counselling practice – providing a generic facility allows us to offer a counselling practice to clients regardless of their symptoms. Our focus is to enable them to
  • deal with the root cause.
  • an empowering service – by empowering we are encouraging awareness that choices exist, awakening the client’s realisation that they have the right and ability to make decisions and take control over their own lives.
  • an accessible service – we will always be actively seeking ways of making our facilities more open and accessible to all regardless of age, race, orientation or disability.
  • a holistic approach – we aim to provide an effective service that will work for and in conjunction with all statutory and non-statutory agencies serving the locality, where it is in the best interests of our clients and supports good practice.
  • a good location – a warm and welcoming environment in an unobtrusive location.

Working in a new Environment

We took up tenancy with Millfields Trust in January 2018 in a cosy little room in the West Wing known as “Unit 42” with the intension of continually providing a low-cost professional service.

Previously, this service had been provided using a number of local libraries within the Plymouth district. We set about turning this small office space into a retro-cosy, non-distracting, virtually techno-free environment. Steadily our client- base has grown, enabling us to reinvest money to provide two quality fire-side chairs (courtesy of the local HSL in Union Street). In November 2018 we received a donation from an appreciative benefactor and we have put this money to good use by providing a subsidy to the less well off clients for as long as we can possibly make it last.

A couple of Stats

  • Approximately 31% of our clients are from the PL1 district
  • Average age-range – 6 years – 80 years of age

We look forward to continuing our friendly and warm relationship with the Millfields Trust for many more years.

Howard & Janet – Eklipse counselling



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