Working from home again?

I don’t know about you, but with very little warning, a dusty old laptop, and a kitchen table, I felt totally thrown into WFH the first time around, and many of us are having to do it again!

Here at the Millfields Trust, we are fortunate to be open for business. Our premises are home to a wide variety of businesses, many of whom are able to keep trading, so we need to be here for them. Our buildings are covid secure and all measures are in place to ensure those who need to come to their offices, can.

Here are our top ten tips for making WFH a better experience the second time around:

Working from home again?, Millfields Trust

1. Create a routine

It can be difficult to stay focused and in a routine when working from home.  Follow your normal sleep and work patterns if you can and stay consistent.  Get up, eat breakfast, and change out of your pajamas!!

2. Be communication ready

Make sure all of the relevant communication software is ready and at your fingertips.

3. Create a workspace

Is there a small space you could turn into an office? Mine is under my stairs!

4. Take regular breaks

Step away from your desk, make a nice drink, and do what makes you happy for 10 minutes. Your brain will thank you for it.

5. Exercise

Remember, you are still allowed to take your hour’s exercise per day. Get some fresh air, or check out youtube for some free workouts. You can find everything from Yoga, Meditation, HIIT, and resistance training.

Working from home again?, Millfields Trust

6. Minimise distractions

If you are a busy parent, use your “commute time” to get those chores done that would otherwise niggle away at you all day!

7. Work in short bursts

Now here is something new to us.  Have you heard of the Pomodoro Technique? You set a timer for 20 minutes, remove all distractions and work through a set of work until the signal. Momentum fuels progress and it’s a positive loop.  Try it!

8. Stay Connected

Keep in touch with colleagues. Whether by email, telephone, or Zoom, they could be feeling isolated too. Make a coffee and chat appointment at break time if you can with a colleague you miss!

9. Be Realistic

Be kind to yourself and acknowledge that sometimes you may not be as productive as you could be. 

10. Relax when your work is done

Stick to your work hours and make good use of that commute time you have gained!!

Working from home again?, Millfields Trust

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