Fisher’s Footsteps: A walk through Plymouth’s History

Today we’d like to introduce you to Fisher’s Footsteps: A walk through Plymouth’s History. Richard Fisher is an artist, local Historian and Community Director here at Millfields. He’s well equipped to guide you, “For as long as my legs will allow it,” Richard says, through the history of Plymouth on these informative walks through parts of the city.

What parts of Plymouth’s history do you explore?

Initially we’ll be focusing on the East Stonehouse part of the City. I’ve found Stonehouse to be the creative centre of Plymouth with its diversity of cultures. It’s also where I live! However, some of these bespoke walks have involved venturing out to suburbs of Plymouth to places like Budshead Creek or Saltram.

Richard Fisher

We are obviously a little biased but yes Richard, we think Stonehouse is the creative centre of Plymouth too!

What can participants expect from your talks?

I normally talk about the places we visit from the ‘layman’s’ view of life at the time. From the Celtic times to the present, with an additional sprinkle of wit for entertainment value.

Richard Fisher

Do you accept requests?

Some requested walkabouts or meanders involve school projects or personal family special treats. Plus I’ve been asked for historical research, write-ups, illustrations and design work which have all been added to the knowledge which enhances the Fisher’s Footsteps walkabouts and meanders.

Richard Fisher

If you are interested in venturing into the unknown parts of Plymouth with Richard, contact him at

Genesis Building: Stonehouse

As well as being part of the Millfields Trust family, Richard was involved in a very particular part of the Genesis Building’s look. He designed the sculptured panels on both sides of the building. We think it’s fair to say Richard got the fun part of the process and the more challenging side of stone carving the designs into the building was left to Johnathan Sells. This was a fantastic achievement and definitely worth a read from Johnathan’s point of view. Read all about his experiences here.

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