Next Event: Monday Breakfast

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The Monday Breakfast is a “Stand-Up” breakfast to meet and network with like-minded entrepreneurs with similar challenges. Join us from 10:00am (plenty of time to drop the kids to school before coming) and bring your baby, toddler, kids, friends, partners, etc.

We will be bringing Guest Speakers with relevant information to grow your business, make referrals, get ideas for your start-up or simply be in the perfect environment to dream of your future business.

Dress code: Business Casual.

Although kids and families are welcome, this is a business environment and we expect everybody to collaborate on the teaching-learning environment. Kids and babies are under the supervision of their parent/guardians and no staff will be available as “babysitters”. MILLFIELDS TRUST is offering quality state of the art facilities with baby changing area. No nappies or wipes will be available at the event so please bring your own.

We are a “Breastfeeding Friendly” event. We expect all participants to respect breastfeeding parents.

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