Introducing … Sam Philpott!

Please let us introduce our Board Directors. First off is our Chair, Father Sam Philpott …

Father Sam has been a founding Member and Director since our inception for over 21 years! He has headed up the Millfields Trust in his role of Chair for a very successful 13 years and still going strong! He has been an asset when providing new and upcoming businesses with office spaces in Plymouth. 

Introducing … Sam Philpott!, Millfields Trust

Father Sams’ passion and drive to help Stonehouse folk has always been in his bones. Having been Parish Priest of St Peter’s, Wyndham Square from 1978 to 2013, and continued to look after the parish until July 2015. He is committed, hopeful and very determined in his role as Chair and particularly enjoys the collaboration of the Millfields Trust team. He says “just open your eyes and explore Millfields Trust and its Family; a group of great organisations that need others within Stonehouse to get involved. Become a member, stand for election to the Board of Directors, come to our AGM each year. Millfields will be even better if you are involved. You can help to keep our work locally focused and increasingly effective in helping Stonehouse to be Plymouth’s best community in which to live and work.

When Father Sam does takes time out of his busy schedule he can be found walking the Barbican and standing on the Hoe looking towards the horizon, just wondering what is waiting to be discovered and know that this is the attitude we should all have towards life and the opportunities on offer.

Very wise words, thank you Father Sam for the good work you do for the Millfields Trust and Stonehouse.

We would like to take this opportunity to mention that if you or anyone you know are looking for office spaces in Plymouth or industrial units in Plymouth, get in contact with us! 

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