Meet the Tenant: Butternut Box

Through our Meet the Tenant feature we hope you’re seeing the wide variety of businesses that partner with us here at the Millfields Trust. In previous blogs, we’ve introduced you to OPSAT UK and Little Linguists but today we’d like to introduce the Butternut Box.

What is your name, and business name, and how long have you been in business?

I’m Kyle Kennedy, I am the South West Regional Manager for Butternut Box. We’ve been trading since 2016. I’ve been with the company since March 2018.

Meet the Tenant: Butternut Box, Millfields Trust

When and why did you get an office in the Millfields Trust?

I moved into Genesis toward the end of November, 2022. I was previously in a smaller, more expensive office with a larger office hire company. I didn’t feel the service I was receiving warranted the premium price I was paying, so I was anxious to move. As I was already using the conference space in Genesis for team meetings, I was given a tour of the building. As soon as an office that met my needs freed up, I was in as quickly as I could be.

What does an average day look like for your project? What happens? What time does your day start and when does it finish?

I work from the office 3 days a week on average. I have a toddler, so my wife and I (with a LOT of help from grandma) take turns minding him. When I’m in, it’s usually from 9-6 pm. Throughout any given day I have numerous virtual meetings with fellow sales teams within our Direct Sales department (located in London, Manchester, and Dublin). I manage a team of approximately 15 brand ambassadors. We attend events across the South West promoting/selling our dog food – so another large portion of my day is organising where they go, ensuring they’re prepared, and making sure all goes smoothly.

What types of challenges has your business faced in the past, present and possibly in the future?

Through Covid, we excelled – as we deliver our product directly to a customer’s door. So, we weathered that storm and thankfully, we survived to become even stronger. The current economic crunch we are all feeling hasn’t done anyone any favours, but again… we are adapting and reacting to every new hurdle we face. We offer a premium dog food at what we believe to be an extremely competitive price point. In the pet food industry (and in life for that matter) – you pay for what you get. So, our continual daily growth is proof positive that our price point is accurate, our product is superb, our service is world-class, and dog owners still want the best for the pooches.

If you could have one thing right now for your business, what would it be?

As a sales manager, I’m always on the lookout for incredible people to join my team. Sadly, staffing since Covid has been super challenging. So, I’d say the main thing I could use now to help add value to Butternut Box is discovering a more efficient way to find/meet/hire new and exciting talent to join our ambassador pack.

Plans for 2023?

We plan to stay the course and continue to attend the top events across the UK, promoting our brand. 

Meet the Tenant: Butternut Box, Millfields Trust

What’s the best, or worst business advice you have ever received? Or, what is your business mantra?

I’ve always been taught that respect has to be given to be received, so that lives with me in every interaction I have in life. I don’t necessarily have a business mantra personally, but there are a few sayings that spring to mind:

Work smart, not hard.” – Plan well at the beginning of a project/task to be more efficient in its execution

Is the juice worth the squeeze?” – Is the effort worth the end result?

CCC” – Clean, Classy, Concise (our department’s motto when it comes to reporting)

Butternut Box has 4 core pillars we all abide by daily (that cleverly spells out DOGS):
Dedicated & Determined
Open & Honest
Genuine Care
Strive for Better

What do you love about Genesis?

In my previous office hire, no one was ever around. The offices were rented, but no one was ever in them! So, Genesis is great in that I am surrounded by fellow business professionals who are friendly and welcoming. I also have a huge window with natural light – I had no window before. I feel this new space has really brightened my mood over the last month, which will no doubt increase my productivity at work AND home.  

What do you love about being a business in Plymouth?

Plymouth is a great base for me as a remote sales manager for Butternut Box because it’s a large town with a small town feel. Being from America and only ever really living in large urban cities, Plymouth is a safe place that has all that we need as a young family… while having all the things I need as a businessman. My team has quick access to Cornwall and the rest of Devon, so we can attend many events and share our product. 

Anything else you would like to mention?

At Butternut Box, we’re putting the FOOD back into dog food. Dogs deserve better, so that’s what we offer.
If you or anyone you know is looking for high-quality dog food, made of incredibly healthy and clean human-grade ingredients … give Butternut Box a shot.

We pride ourselves on providing an amazing experience for any dog and its owner, so come see what the buzz is all about. (this code entitles anyone who uses it to 40% off their first two boxes of Butternut Box)

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