Meet the Tenant: Established By Her Marketing

Each month we bring you our Meet the Tenant feature with the sole purpose of introducing our wider online community to tenants from across our four locations: Genesis and Mary Seacole Buildings, HQ Business Centre and Creykes Court. You never know when the right business for you to partner with might come along! Today we’d like to introduce Established By Her, a digital marketing agency who specialise in telling your story!

What is the main purpose of your business?

Here at Established By Her Marketing, we offer a range of digital marketing packages for small and large businesses, and solo entrepreneurs. We create and deliver Social Media Strategies, SEO, Copywriting and Blogging Services and Personal Brand Photography. Everything we do is bespoke and tailored for the individual. We believe every business has a unique message to share and it’s our job to find creative ways to do that while helping our customers connect with their online community.

Which building are you based and what do you use the space for?

We are in the HQ Building on Union Street which is a perfect location for all of the team. Our office is medium-sized, very practical and usually smells of coffee! As a bonus we also have a studio within our unit space which has become such an important part of our business model – it’s filled with natural light and used for personal brand photography sessions with our clients and occasionally events or training days.

How has being a Millfield Trust tenant benefited you?

The Millfields Trust team have been so supportive of our business. They became our first major client for our social media and blogging services which provided us with a huge boost. We are a relatively new business, less than a year old, and working with Mandy and Sadie has been a great experience. 

Being a tenant has also been a benefit because we have met so many amazing people that work within the HQ Building. There is such a great mixture of creative and service-based businesses here and we love to find out what events everyone has planned and what everyone is doing.

Meet the Tenant: Established By Her Marketing, Millfields Trust

What do you hope to achieve in 2022 and 2023?

We would love to continue connecting with small businesses that need our marketing support. Our clients often work extremely hard and it’s usually their online presence and social media content that gets left behind. It’s our job to help our clients reach their ideal customers and connect with the online community. 

Our blogging services have begun to steadily grow but we would love to meet more businesses interested in repurposing their online copy. It’s such an important part of a website, promotional materials and other forms of online content, and we can help businesses get their message across by producing copy using creative storytelling. 

If you could have one thing for your business today, what would it be?

I would love to have more team members, so we can help more businesses. We are at capacity at the moment, and I would love more hours in the day.

What’s the best, or worst business advice you’ve ever received?

This is not exactly the advice we received but it’s something we learned along the way. When Established By Her was formed, we tried to offer everything. Every single thing that springs to mind when you think of digital marketing, we offered as a service. 

We soon realised this was too much for prospective clients, they felt overwhelmed wit the choice of services we had on offer.. 

So we restructured our approach and focused on the core elements of our business that we knew lots of businesses needed: Social Media Management, Copywriting, Blogging and Personal Brand Photography. So I suppose the advice is this, stay focused on your most popular packages, and allow your business to grow organically. Don’t try and do too much too soon.

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What can we do for you?

Can we support your business growth? Are you considering renting an office or light industrial unit? Contact the team today for a friendly chat about our prices and how we can help you find the perfect location for your business.