Millfields Inspired objectives are to work with young people and their families from the neighbourhood, in order to provide a pathway from school to future career. It delivers the successful Widening Horizons programme into the seven local primary schools of Stonehouse. This programme, which is now in its ninth year, aims to inspire young people by giving them an experience and a taste for the world of work, in order to inform their future career choices.

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Grow Stonehouse is a community-focused project delivered by Millfields Inspired, with funding from The People’s Health Trust*. The project aims to support the growth and empowerment of small community groups by helping local people come together, feel engaged, learn new skills, socialise and make a real and visible positive change to their local environment.

This is achieved through gardening and outdoor engagement and by encouraging participants to improve, maintain and take ownership of local, accessible green space.

The project is led by the needs and wishes of the communities it works with and each garden is developing in a slightly different way in order to best serve the community it is in, as well as the wider community of Stonehouse.

Part of the two-year project plan is to establish a Pollinator Pathway in Stonehouse to encourage further use and exploration of the shared green spaces by local people. This will connect the project gardens and support pollinating insects such as bees and butterflies in the area. Whether it is a small pot of flowers in a resident’s front garden, a hanging basket on a balcony or a larger window box at one of the a local businesses, the Grow Stonehouse project aims to provide a pathway through Stonehouse that is punctuated by beautiful, wild and pollinator-friendly flowers.

* The People’s Health Trust: 51 Community Interest Companies raising money to address health inequalities across England, Scotland and Wales through the Health Lottery.