Millfields Inspired: Meet the Trustees

We’ve done Meet the Team, Meet the Community, and Meet the Director and now we bring you Millfields Inspired: Meet the Trustees!

Millfields Inspired is very fortunate to have an amazing board of trustees. They are committed to creating sustainable change by extending and developing the Widening Horizons programme. While aspiring to create future programmes and activities to engage young people and the local community. The trustees are drawn from across the city and have a wealth of experience in working with young people. And within the business world. Current trustees include senior figures from education, local businesses, the creative sector and the public sector.

The common factor amongst the Millfields Inspired trustees is their passion and commitment to young people. Today we’d like to introduce you to Andy Botterill. Operations Director at Drew and Co Electrical Contractors Ltd.

Millfields Inspired: Meet the Trustees, Millfields Trust

What do you enjoy most about your role as a Trustee at Millfields Inspired?

Seeing the results of our Community and Schools projects. Learning from my involvement with talented people from outside of my normal working environment.


Do you have any hobbies or interests?

Any form of Physical exercise but particularly Tennis.

What should we all be doing in 2022?

Taking the Climate Emergency seriously and making positive changes to reduce our own personal carbon footprint.

Work-life balance is essential, is it achievable?

Not if you`re struggling to pay the bills, but if you’re fortunate enough that it`s an option, then it helps take some time to step back, and assess what`s really important to you.

Millfields Inspired: Meet the Trustees, Millfields Trust
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Can you share the worst or best advice you have ever received?

Worst- There`s now room for sentiment in business.

Best- Judge a person by the way they treat someone who can do them no good.

If you’d like to know more about the Widening Horizons Project click here. Are you an individual or business with a desire to make a positive change within our local community? If so, head over to the Millfields Inspired site today and see how you can make a difference in the lives of Plymouth’s future workforce.

And of course, if you require an excellent office or light industrial unit for your expanding business head over to Millfields Trust and check out our current availability. But maybe you just need a place to hold meetings or interviews? You might be interested in our Meeting rooms then?