Millfields Trust: Meet the Team – Naomi & Lilly

Here at the Millfields Trust and Millfields Inspired, we have a fantastic group of people who bring a wide variety of talent and knowledge to our organisation. Our ‘Meet the Team’ feature gives us the opportunity to showcase our amazing team members and today we’d love you to meet Naomi and Lilly.

What is your name, role at Millfields Trust and how long have you been in this position?

Naomi: My name is Naomi. I am the Office Coordinator and I have worked at the Trust for 3 and a half years.

Lilly: Hi, I am Lilly. I am the finance assistant at the Millfields since November 2020.

What do you love most about your role? And working at Millfields Trust?

Naomi: I love that my role is people facing. It’s nice to chat daily with all of our tenants and build relationships with them. I regularly visit our HQ tenant Carl at Plymouth Injury Clinic for sports massages and PT sessions for example.

Lilly: Not one of the days is the same… even more so since I have assisted Naomi, our Office Coordinator. I can jump from a job to another, that keeps me busy and I really like that. Working in team is just amazing, and also knowing that we work for the community makes me feel useful.

What does an average day look like for you? What happens? 

Naomi: No two days are the same at The Millfields Trust that’s for sure. I like the fact that that there are a variety of things to do within my job such as setting up conference rooms for customers/tenants, arranging maintenance work & signage alterations. Answering a lot of emails and telephone calls!

Lilly: I never know what to expect… I can have to deal with some queries or phone calls, tenant enquiries…
And even if my finance job tends to be planned ahead, we are not immune to urgent or unexpected issues!

What is your professional background and what brought you to Millfields Trust?  

Naomi: I graduated University in 2017 with a Law Degree whilst working as an Assistant Manager of a Golf Club. I then moved to Cornwall to be with family in 2019 and started my job here within 3 months of moving!

Millfields Trust: Meet the Team – Naomi & Lilly, Millfields Trust
Naomi Lloyd, Office Coordinator, Millfields Trust

Lilly: I have an admin, accounts and management background in France. I started at the Millfields as a Cleaning Supervisor. I was lucky enough to be offered the Finance Assistant role when it came up, thanks to my background.

Millfields Trust: Meet the Team – Naomi & Lilly, Millfields Trust
Lilly Marchand, Finance Assistant, Millfields Trust

Tell us more about the tenants?

Naomi: We have an amazing range of tenants at The Millfields Trust! Not often would you go somewhere and find a Sports Therapist and a Futon Shop in the same building! We have great relationships with our tenants with most of the staff using our tenants services on a weekly basis.

Lilly: It is really lovely to meet tenants… The buildings are like small villages, and this is always pleasant to have a little chat with all of them.

Have you got any Millfields Trust highlights or what are you looking forward to in 2023?

Naomi: I am really looking forward to the renovation and opening of The Famous Firkin. It will become a great addition to The Trust.

Lilly: I look forward to seeing more about plans to do with Block D… That is an exciting project.

What do you love about Stonehouse? 

Naomi: It’s such a quirky little place with so much character. I love that we are minutes away from The Royal William Yard which is beautiful!

Lilly: It is busy place, looking like a buzzing beehive!

What do you love about Plymouth? 

Naomi: I love the Hoe! It’s such a lovely place to go for a walk or sit and chill on a sunny day.

Lilly: Oh, give me a map and I will be able to put correctly all the football pitches in it! Ahah, I am a mum of three boys. But I like to be on a nice sea front and my favourite area is The Barbican. I really love the atmosphere. 

What is the best piece of advice you have been given?  

Naomi: Know your worth! I think this relates to so many situations so it’s a prefect piece of advice.

Lilly: If you want things to happen, make them happen! Useful every day!

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