Tenant Spotlight – Carlton Cleaning

Each newsletter gives us a chance to spotlight a new tenant. Today we would like to introduce you to Carlton Cleaning who joined the Millfields Trust in November 2021.

Their business started 1985 by Martin Dutson. This man and his team knew how to clean things properly and the business steadily grew up over the years to become one of the most respected and well-liked businesses in the area. Sadly, Martin passed away in 2016 and the future of the business was placed in the hands of his son Lewis Dutson, who today is Managing Director.

Lewis didn’t just inherit this business, more importantly he inherited his father’s work ethic, his level of professionalism and his desire to make it successful by guaranteeing work, looking after clients properly and taking care of staff above all else. 

These days, Lewis may well be the Managing Director of Carlton Cleaning, but he remains completely hands on, he’s involved completely and is intrinsic to the development of the business. His philosophy is simple … ‘never ask a member of the team to do something that you’re not prepared to do yourself’ and it’s why he’s as comfortable out on a job in overalls as he is meeting the accountant in a suit.

There’s ‘clean’, then there’s ‘Carlton Cleaning clean’.  For further information visit Carlton Cleaning