The Importance of a Work-life Balance

Achieving a work-life balance has never been more important

The pandemic has certainly been a different experience for everyone.  Whether being a keyworker, furloughed, self-employed, made redundant, a business owner, or working from home.  One thing has however remained, the work-life balance, or for some, the lack of. That’s why we encourage our tenants,  using our office spaces in Plymouth, to take a break where they can and enjoy using our wonderful facilities. 

My experience has been working from home (WFH).  I would like to think that I had `almost’ achieved the work-life balance prior to lockdown.  Or at least had the luxury of being able to leave work on time in order to collect the children, cook them dinner and then ferry them to and fro to their clubs.

Since WFH however, although it undoubtedly has its perks, it also has its countless interruptions.  Home-schooling, snack time, motivational speeches to the small people, fighting over the home computer.  My workday started early, had a mass of interruptions throughout the day due to the children which made me feel as though I best add a couple more hours onto the end.  Bang goes the balance, right there!  Cast your minds back to the “one hour of exercise” per day allowance, and for me, this was now taking place past 8 pm!  Slowly, my days were getting longer and longer.  Surely not acceptable when we are in lockdown?

So, what can we do to ensure we get that balance right going forward?  I think Covid-19 has given us some great lessons and made us think about how we can do things differently and hopefully better.  Some changes for businesses, employers, and employees will last as long as the pandemic has, other changes will stay and improve processes, working conditions, and for some, the work-life balance.

The Importance of a Work-life Balance, Millfields Trust

Plan your day/schedule

Plan in some structure to your day.  Even if you have the type of job which is unpredictable, at least try to schedule in a break.  A to-do list can be your friend.

Preventing the spread of other illness by WFH

During a recent zoom with my local “business chamber” and other members, we discussed that although WFH may not be a long term plan or solution for them, now we have the means to do this it does mean that we can choose to do this to prevent the spread of the common cold and other viruses.  Those days where you don’t feel great, but you are not unwell enough to come into the office and spread the love to your fellow colleagues.  Winning!

Focusing on productivity not hours

Amongst a day of interruptions, sometimes the best work can actually be done!  Begin to focus on what you have achieved in a given time, not the actual time itself. 

Encourage breaks

Take a break!  I don’t mean drink coffee at your desk, I mean walk away, make the coffee, have a brain-boosting snack, and sit somewhere else than your office.  Just 10 minutes could be all you need to refocus and commence the next task. 

Take some exercise breaks

Set the alarm 30 minutes earlier and do a quick HIIT session.  They usually take around 20 minutes and there are so many free ones to choose from on youtube.  If that seems like too much effort, take a brisk walk at lunchtime.  This is not only good for the waistline, but also for mental health.

Be kind to yourself

Whichever form this takes for you, just factor this in for yourself.  Be it exercise, meditation, reading, the arts, treat yourself, you deserve it! We would like to take this opportunity to mention that if you or anyone you know are looking for office spaces in Plymouth or industrial units in Plymouth, get in contact with us! 

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