What has the Millfields Trust done for Stonehouse?

Hopefully by now you all know that the Millfields Trust (or in its longer form Millfields Economic Community Development Trust) is a Social Enterprise, which means we “give back to the community”. 

Simply put, social enterprises are businesses that are changing the world for the better…when we profit, society profits! One of the many reasons to have an office space in Plymouth and utilise our light industrial units in Plymouth is the ability to be in an environment of like-minded individuals. 

We’ve been giving back for over 21 years in lots of different ways, with one of them being through our “Widening Horizons” programme.  The Trust established our charity ‘Millfields Inspired’ to deliver our Widening Horizons programme, which has been running for many years.

Simply put, the programme works with Year 5 children in the seven Stonehouse primary schools to make links between what the children learn in school, and how it relates to the wider world.

What has the Millfields Trust done for Stonehouse?, Millfields Trust

Widening Horizons has been supported by some fantastic local companies which include, Foot Anstey, City College Plymouth, KARST, Flybe, Sonadyne International, Mayflower Marina, Brittany Ferries, Plymouth City Bus, and many more.

Delivery of the project is totally hands-on.  Our Development Manager, Josanne takes the children into each of the workplaces where they explore the many jobs available.  The programme lasts all year, and each child gets to visit at least seven workplaces.  They even have their own special graduation ceremony at the end of the year.  How’s that for inspiration?

Millfields Inspired charity is always looking for new and exciting ways to connect with the community of Stonehouse. For further information visit: www.millfieldsinspired.com

With great facilities and ever-growing possibilities for your business and future prospects, investing in an office space in Plymouth with us is the right move. Having a light industrial unit in Plymouth is a great way to grow your business.