Millfields Inspired – Round Up

Each month we will bring you highlights from the Millfields Inspired Team as they take children from Stonehouse and Devonport schools to a variety of businesses and organisations who are part of the Widening Horizons Programme. Here is a round-up of some of the activities the local children have been enjoying.

I would like to say a massive thank-you to everyone who made the most recent Widening Horizons trip to Sherford possible! The year 5 children from Millbay Academy were treated to a variety of exciting activities including a tour of the Unwrapped House with Peter Tannian, a treasure hunt in the garden with Steve Warren-Brown at YGS Landscapes Ltd, a design your ideal room workshop with Aisha O’Reed and and Josh Harris, and a paving workshop with Danny and Sean from Sherford Skills Training Scheme. Also, a big thank-you to Adam from Roselyn Coaches for being our coach driver. This trip really enabled the children to try new experiences, showed them how the world of work can be fun, and helped them understand the range of careers and opportunities available in the construction industry! We’d love to hear from any businesses who’d like to support the fantastic Widening Horizons programme in 2022/23!

Murray Volkswagen Plymouth

A big thank you to Murray Volkswagen Plymouth and the year 5 children from St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, for another fantastic Widening Horizons visit! Today the children experienced being a mechanic removing steering wheels, being part of the sales team producing videos of vehicles for customers, and preparing vehicles ready for collection. The children were able to demonstrate and practise their skills of interacting in different working environments, and were able to see how work can be enjoyable and fun! Thank you also to PCiP – Plymouth Children in Poverty for their support with this.

National Marine Aquarium

The year 5 children from Mount Wise Primary School had a fantastic time at the National Marine Aquarium, as part of the Widening Horizons programme. Thank you to George, our guide for the visit, who enabled the children to explore the deep ocean using VR headsets, be scientists investigating the harm plastic in the ocean can cause, and meet with many interesting people who work at the aquarium. This trip really highlighted to the children the link between schools and the work place, and the variety of jobs available in this setting. Thank you also to Mark and Naomi from Plymouth College, for their support in providing transport.

Marine Conservation Society

As part of the Widening Horizons Programme, children from Millbay Academy, The Cathedral School of St Mary, and St Peter’s C of E Primary School took part in workshops delivered by Jo Agate from the Marine Conservation Society, and Jo Earlam the author of Tuamor the Turtle. They heard the story of Tuamor, and discovered fascinating facts about turtles, as well as why plastic pollution is such a problem for our marine friends. The children were thrilled to receive a signed copy of the book and remained engaged throughout the talk.

This session really demonstrated to the children how there are jobs available that suit their own passions and interests.

Millfields Inspired: University of Plymouth Faculty of Health

We just want to say a huge thank you to the student Doctors from University of Plymouth Faculty of Health. They delivered a fantastic session to the year 5 children at Marlborough Primary Academy, as part of Widening Horizons Programme. The children got so much out of it. The student Doctors demonstrated how work can be enjoyable and fun as well as rewarding. The a children learnt about hand washing, bones, our hearts and the contents of a doctor’s bag! The children appeared really engaged because the activities were so much fun. Everyone enjoyed the day. This is really important for the children – it helps them relax and ask relevant questions.

Widening Horizons Programme: M Subs Ltd

The year 5 children from The Cathedral School of St Mary experienced a fascinating trip in May when they visited M Subs Ltd. There was some really technical information to discuss which included learning about computer aided design (CAD). The children used machinery to cut and bend metal sheets and watched a 3D model being made. But the highlight of the visit had to be when they went inside an actual submarine!

The children asked some really insightful questions which showed how inspired they were. The Millfields Inspired Team would also like to say a special thanks to our friendly driver Roy from Plymouth Citybus!