Basil The Millfields Bike!

Meet Basil…our electric bike

Do you want even more benefit of having an office with the Millfields Trust? 

Well, look no further than our HQ reception, 237 Union Street.  This is where you will find Basil, our beloved electric bike.  Match funded by our very own City Council, Basil sits ready charged, tyres pumped, fully serviced with helmet and high vis at the ready. 

Besides from the wonderful office spaces in Plymouth with kitchen, meeting room and other facilities, having a light industrial unit in Plymouth, with us has other benefits. Basil can be used by any of our tenants or staff members from 9-5, Monday to Friday to zip across the city for that important meeting, networking event or essential visit for whatever!  All you need to do is sign the paperwork, grab the keys and go!

It’s the best form of green transportation and Basil is surprisingly speedy and easy to park, saving the planet, parking fees and you get a little exercise for the day (although you can just use the throttle if you don’t fancy getting sweaty).

Here are 10 good reasons to get acquainted with Basil:

  1.       He is free to use

  2.       He has pedal assist, which means he does most of the work!

  3.       He is surprisingly fast (if you want him to be)

  4.       He can reduce your expenses

  5.       He can improve your fitness

  6.       He is environmentally friendly

  7.       He’s great on hills

  8.       He has saddlebags to carry important paperwork

  9.       You can avoid traffic jams

  10.   He is simply really good fun to ride!