Pollenize CIC

Pollenize Community Interest Company is a pollinator conservation project utilising the power of community beekeeping, product design, citizen science, IoT sensors, big data, and environmental DNA techniques to combat pollinator decline.

Recent studies across Europe have found insect biomass has declined by 38% -75%. This change has been driven by habitat loss, chemical use, and climate change. Pollinator decline threatens the survival of our natural ecosystems and our agricultural capacity.

We are so thankful Owen & Matt have chosen the Millfields Trust as their base of operations. If you’re looking for offices to rent in Plymouth, light industrial units Plymouth or a place to call your own while you develop your business then please get in contact with us so we can help.

Pollenize CIC, Millfields Trust

Owen and Matt have been busy installing beehives on the rooftops of Plymouth businesses over the past few years, including our own Genesis Rooftop. By gathering scientific data from these hives they are continually learning how they can plant better to create climate-resilient environments! Clever eh?

Pollenize is currently crowdfunding. Their goal is to equip EVERY PLYMOUTH SCHOOL CHILD with a packet of rewilding seeds to fight back against climate change. You can donate here:


Pollenize CIC, Millfields Trust

There are so many ways to get involved in their project, you could become a community beekeeper, or plant some seeds to help with their vital research.  They also have a great online shop: https://www.pollenize.org.uk/

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