Meet the Tenant: Carlton Cleaning

This feature is an opportunity for the wider Millfields Trust community to Meet the Tenant: Carlton Cleaning. We are lucky to have such a wide variety of businesses that partner with us across our four locations in Stonehouse. Lewis Dutson has been the Owner and Managing Director of Carlton Cleaning since 2016 but the business was established in the 1980s by his parents.

Could Carlton Cleaning be of service to you or your own business? Keep reading and find out more!

How are you connected to the Millfields Trust?

I heard about the Millfields Trust through a friend who was a tenant. I decided to move in as a tenant also as I’d heard so many great things. Plus there was a huge saving for us as a business. The flexibility of being here is amazing and so affordable. We also have access to a lot of fantastic people to network with.

What does an average day look like for your business?

We tend to begin around 09:00 am in the office. We have me, our finance director and our assistant. Our main focus every day is how we can grow our brand and our services. How can we continue to improve our service for our current clients? Every morning we discuss where we want to be within the next 30 days and focus on our future.

Meet the Tenant: Carlton Cleaning, Millfields Trust
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What types of challenges has your business faced?

Like most businesses, we face challenges every day. Most recently, recruitment has been very difficult but we have overcome that by showing potential new employees how much we support them as a family-run business. Gaining new business can always be a challenge but recently we have been strict with who we take on and we do our best to pre-qualify our clients.

If you could have one thing right now for your business, what would it be?

More office staff to help manage and run the business effectively. We would like someone to focus purely on HR and a marketing assistant to generate more leads.

Plans for 2023?

By 2023 we want to be able to reach £1 million turnover with 60 employees. We want high-quality contracts in place that will help us towards our goal and highly loyal staff.

What’s the best, or worst business advice you have ever received?

Best advice: Living the life you deserve is hard, if it was easy everyone would do it. So ignore the majority, and live like the minority in order to achieve that life because… easy come, easy go.

Worst advice: Drop your prices to get customers through the door.

Business mantra: Be honest, provide a great service and most importantly, be happy.

Head over to Carlton Cleaning and find out more about their services and cleaning solutions.

Millfields Trust: Four locations

Yes, you read that right. The Millfields Trust has premises in four locations around the Stonehouse area.

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