Meet the Tenant: OPSAT (UK) LTD

Through our Meet the Tenant feature we hope you’re seeing the wide variety of businesses that partner with us here at the Millfields Trust. In previous blogs, we’ve introduced you to Plymouth’s Number 1 Taxi Service, Easy Cars and Carlton Cleaning but today we’d like to introduce OPSAT (UK) LTD.

OPSAT (UK) LTD is a project set up by former serving member of the armed forces, Gordon Howells. We caught up with our new tenant Gordon, to learn more about the business.

What is your name, project name and how long have you been in business?

My name is Gordon Howells founder of security and training company OPSAT (UK) LTD. Operating since 2017, OPSAT was designed to help serving and former serving members of the armed forces to find employment. We now provide a full range of courses in security, first aid, health & safety, social care, fire safety, food safety and safeguarding to name a few, as well as providing security throughout the UK.

We are pleased to say that we have helped over 300 servicemen and women and veterans gain employment, to which 70% of OPSAT employees are made up of.

Meet the Tenant: OPSAT (UK) LTD, Millfields Trust

How are you connected to the Millfields Trust? Why did you get an office in MT?

We chose our office and teaching space at the Millfields Trust because of the space provided and the professionalism of the staff. Since moving into the Millfields Trust building we have been supported and welcomed with open arms which is great when moving anywhere new.

Meet the Tenant: OPSAT (UK) LTD, Millfields Trust

OPSAT (UK) LTD – Plans for 2023?

Our plan for 2023 is to is to grow and provide more courses and security for business in the Southwest and parts of the UK.  We want our customers to feel that their businesses are kept secure and safe by using us.

Meet the Tenant: OPSAT (UK) LTD, Millfields Trust

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Gordon Howells, Head of Training: / 07789638749



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