Social Enterprice Mark CIC

Social Enterprice Mark CIC, Millfields Trust

Social Enterprise Mark CIC is the international social enterprise accreditation authority, which recognises and builds the capabilities of social enterprises as competitive, sustainable businesses, dedicated to maximising social impact. Through our growing portfolio of externally assessed accreditations, we provide social enterprises at all stages a comprehensive pathway to recognised standards of good practice and excellence.

Our world-first accreditations ensure that the social enterprise business model remains ethical, credible and commercial. We provide clear standards for the social enterprise sector, defining what it means to be a genuine social enterprise.

We are proud to be celebrating our tenth anniversary this year, which is a real milestone. Our original product, the Social Enterprise Mark, has evolved from a regional, funded project to now being the only internationally recognised standard of good practice in social enterprise, and we have established a reputation as the global champion of credible standards for social enterprise.

We have recently launched a new entry-level accreditation for new and aspiring social enterprises, which offers tailored support to help them become a fully-fledged accredited social enterprise. Want to learn more? Check our our website!

A shoutout for Millfields trust ensuring that we can continue our great work with use of their office units! They offer plenty of light industrial units used as office spaces and also offer some amazing meeting rooms. 

Social Enterprice Mark CIC, Millfields Trust