Millfields Trust: A Fond Farewell

After 23 years of service to the people of Stonehouse and the Millfields Trust, the time to offer Roger a fond farewell arrived last Thursday at Jolly Jacks. Guests and team members from the Millfields Trust, past and present came together to celebrate Roger’s achievements and wish him well for the future.

Kind words from Chris Penberthy – Deputy Lord Mayor

Plymouth Deputy Lord Mayor, Chris Penberthy presented some artefacts from the Box Museum which represented significant events in the history of Stonehouse. He was able to weave the significance of these objects into a timeline that celebrated Rogers tenure at the Millfields Trust.

The first object was the ceremonial key that unlocks the Stonehouse Guildhall. Chris referred to the next beating heart of Stonehouse and legacy Roger leaves behind. The Mayor’s chain of Stonehouse was included which Roger is pictured wearing below.

The Deputy Lord Mayor completed his remakes with something quite poignant – he talked about the future of Stonehouse and how some people will never know the impact Roger had on the community.

Millfields Trust: A Fond Farewell, Millfields Trust

23 Years of Service

23 years of service is a huge achievement. The world has changed quite a lot since 1999. Prepare to feel old. It’s the year of Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial. Manchester United won the Treble. Ricky Martin was Livin’ La Vida Loca and cinema fans were all asking the same question, “What is the Matrix?” Oh, and people could still smoke while eating in a restaurant!

Who better to share some thoughts on the past and future of the Millfields Trust than our very own Rev. Sam Philpott. Sam’s our current Chair and has been part of the Millfields Trust team for over 21 years and has seen first hand the effect of Roger’s leadership.

He praised Roger’s dedication but also talked about his warmth. How the people that came through the Millfields Trust door were always met with a smile. Sam added how Roger was always there to offer encouragement and a willingness to help.

Roger will be missed by all of us here at the Millfields Trust but we wish him well and we look forward to hearing about his future plans.

Millfields Trust: Getting to know us

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